Dissertation Defense        

A study of how specific principal behaviors affect teacher and student performance


Dissertation Defense
Significant Quotes
Origin of Study
Conceptual Framework
Literature Review
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              This page is designed and organized specifically to allow individuals to examine the dissertation defense procedure as experienced by Kim Banta and Brennon Sapp at the University of Louisville.  The video portion of the presentation is available on YouTube and TeacherTube through the links below.  You may want to download and print out the PowerPoint presentation utilized during the dissertation defense as the slides are difficult to read on the videos.  In order to achieve the deepest understanding of the process viewers may want to read the dissertation and review the PowerPoint before viewing the video presentation.

Links to Videos of Dissertation Defense (Summer 2010)

Dissertation Defense on YouTube        Dissertation Defense on TeacherTube

Links to Dissertation Defense PowerPoint (Summer 2010)

Dissertation Defense PowerPoint        Dissertation Defense PP in Adobe Format

Links to Dissertation (Summer 2010)

Adobe Version of Dissertation       

Versions of the Dissertation (2007-2010)



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 This research project is sponsored by the University of Louisville, The Kenton County School District, & the head research (Kim Banta/Brennon Sapp)
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