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Simulation Authors

  • Mary Louise Pozaric (Criminal Law)

Brennon Sapp (Forensics)

Rosemary Cundiff-Brown (Drama)

Kyla Hawkins (Phychology)




Learn how to design a simulation which will allow your students to be a part of a CSI team and solve a crime. 

Best if performed in collaboration with a team of teachers including science, psychology, social studies, and drama teachers.  Students will have a blast and learn a ton. 


This site is a demonstration and review of a CSI simulation designed and implemented by four teachers at North Oldham High School.  This simulation was performed during May term classes in the spring of 2005 during five, three hour classes. 

If this level of simulation is intimidating to you, you may want to try a simpler one first.  Click the link below.

A Simpler CSI Simulation


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