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Documentation is one of the most significant components in many careers.  In forensics, it could literally mean the difference between life and death.

The following documents are used by the students to document any and all aspects of crime scene investigations.

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Packet Contents:

Man-Power Assignments Crime Scene Photo Log Individual Interrogation Request
Crime Scene Personnel  Lab Work Request  Interview Information
Interrogated Witness Log  Vehicle/Crime Scene  Sample Waiver
Significant Evidence List Body/Crime Scene & Wound Chart Affidavit for Search Warrant
Event Schedule Weapons Report Control Requisition 
General Crime Scene Information Coroner & Ambulance Information Generic Request 
Crime Scene Sketch & Evidence  Miranda Rights Card Press Release

Guide to Packet Documents


The goal of these investigations is to obtain successful and accurate indictment(s).  Evidence may only be included on an indictment if and only if it is obtained and documented legally.  Appropriate completion of the following documents should assure accurate and legal documentation.

            “If you don’t document it, then it didn’t happen and it doesn’t exist”

Daily Documentation

Man-Power Assignments-A planning sheet used to delegate responsibilities to the CSI’s


Crime Scene Personnel Sheet-a running list of investigators who enter the crime scene


Interrogated Witness Log Sheet-A running log of witnesses or suspects interrogating during the investigation


Significant Evidence List-A running list of evidence the CSI’s believe to be significant to the case


Event Schedule-a running list of each and every activity the CSI group initiates and participates


The Crime Scene (each of the following are to be completed as a set and correspond for a single crime scene)

General Crime Scene Information-must have one completed for each crime scene


Crime Scene Sketch & Evidence Measurements/General Information-must have at least one sketch and general information completed for each crime scene


Crime Scene Photo Log-a list of photographs taken at the crime scene; must have one completed for each crime scene


Lab Work Request Form-this form must be completed in order to obtain lab work on evidence


Additional Crime Scene Forms (Use only if applicable)

Vehicle/Crime Scene-to be completed if a vehicle is searched


Body/Crime Scene & Wound Chart-to be completed upon the examination of a body


Weapons Report-to be completed upon the discovery or confiscation of a weapon


Coroner & Ambulance Information-to be completed by the Coroner or Ambulance service


Interrogation Documents

Miranda Rights Card-a list of rights which legally must be read to any one questioned and signed


Individual Interrogation Request Form-must be completed in order to request an interrogation (this document will initiate officers acquisition of individuals for you to question)


Interview Information-must complete one of these for each person interrogated


Obtaining Evidence not at the Crime Scene  (Any evidence obtained outside of the crime scene requires probable cause, a waiver, or a warrant)

Sample Waiver-used to obtain evidence from an individual with adult permission


Affidavit for Search Warrant-used to obtain evidence by bypassing consent;  Must be submitted and approved by a judge or magistrate


Control Requisition Form-used to request lab techs to obtain know samples from an individual or location for comparison purposes



Generic Request Form-used to request action by a judge, lab tech, or psychologist, not covered in other documents


Press Release-if a case becomes high profile, a certain amount of information must be released to the press; this form is to document such releases

Click here to Download the Entire Paper Work Packet



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