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The mission of The Kenton County School District has always been to “…educate all students to successfully demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for lifelong learning, social well-being, and active responsible citizenship.” To successfully fulfill this mission, all students need to experience a rigorous high school course of study that prepares them for a variety of career choice options. Students are more likely to pursue a rigorous curriculum when it is relevant to their career goals and when they have an opportunity to build strong relationships with adults who understand their interests, inclinations, and aspirations. Our high schools have created four “Schools of Study” where students can pursue their goals.

What are schools of study?

The schools of study are based on the Holland Model of Career Interest. John Holland, Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins University, devoted his professional life to researching issues related to career choice and satisfaction. He developed a well-known theory, and designed several assessments and supporting materials to assist people in making effective career choices. His theory and assessment tools have helped millions of people worldwide and are supported by hundreds of research studies. Holland identified six vocational personality types which include Artistic, Realistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Our high schools will be restructured into four schools of study based on this model which will help every student experience a course of study that is relevant to their personality type, interest, and career goal. 


What are the four schools of Study?

  • The School of Law, Education, Health and Human Services (LEHH) will appeal to Social students who are interested in helping jobs such as teacher, lawyer, religious worker, counselor, clinical psychologist, doctor, nurse, psychiatric case worker, or speech therapist. These students often have good social skills and talents. Social students are often convincing, cooperative, friendly, generous, helpful, idealistic, kind, patient, responsible, sympathetic, tactful, understanding and warm. 



  • The School of Visual/Performing Arts and Media (VPAM) will appeal to Artistic students who are interested in jobs such as composer, musician, stage director, writer, journalist, interior decorator, or actor/actress. These students are interested in developing their abilities in dancing, writing, performing music, and creating art. Artistic students are often expressive, idealistic, imaginative, independent, introspective, intuitive, nonconforming, open, and original.


  • The School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) will appeal to Realistic students who are interested in jobs such as engineer, automobile technician, aircraft controller, surveyor, farmer, or electrician; as well as Investigative students who are interested in jobs such as biologist, chemist, physicist, anthropologist, geologist or medical technologist. These students are interested in developing their mechanical, mathematical, and scientific abilities. Realistic and investigative students are often frank, genuine, honest, humble, modest, natural, persistent, practical, shy, and thrifty.


  • The School of Business and Information Technology (BIT) will appeal to Enterprising students who are interested in jobs such as salesperson, manager, business executive, marketing specialist, television producer, sports promoter, or buyer; and Conventional students who are interested in jobs such as computer technician, bookkeeper, stenographer, financial analyst, banker, cost estimator, or tax expert. These students often demonstrate good leadership and speaking abilities are organized and have good math skills. They are also inquisitive, adventurous, agreeable, ambitious, energetic, extroverted, impulsive, optimistic, self-confident orderly, persistent, practical and thrifty. 





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