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Project Abstract

The EdD Framework on this website has been created by four EdD U of L students in an attempt to propose one possible solution to the question of what this program should entail for future students who want to follow in our foot steps.

This work focused around three main strands:

Each strand broken down into multiple constructs* which are each supported by three more components

  • Product/Evidence - What might this look like?

  • Assessment/Rubric - Product Quality

  • Justification/Literature Support - Construct Quality

*What does one need to know or be able to do?

Printer Friendly Version of the Framework

"In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice they are not."

Lawrence Peter Berra


  • Kim Banta - Principal-Dixie Heights High School
  • Debbie Powers - Director of Student Services-DeSales High School
  • Brennon Sapp - Assistant Principal-Dixie Heights High School
  • John Williamson - Superintendant-Ft. Thomas Independent School District

Time Lines

  • Fall 2007 - Application and acceptance into the U of L EdD program
  • Spring 2008 - First full semester in the program
  • ?



 This work is a product of the University of Louisville doctorial student.
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