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Habits of Hands

This strand is related to Signature Pedagogy #2

Being able to get work done within a variety of communities


Using skills and processes honed in the Habits of Mind module the Habits of Hands module requires the cohort to move their research from theory to practice by taking the newly acquired knowledge and designing implementation plans then actually conducting “action research” based on those plans.

Again, in order to make the learning relevant in this area, participants must identify a job-embedded or job-related issue, problem, trend, program, etc. around which to pursue the constructs.



  1. Understand theories and research of student contexts (psychological, family, cultural) and implement them to impact student achievement.

  2. Understand theories and research in teaching and learning and implement them to impact student achievement.

  3. Understand theories and research of leadership and organizational culture  and behavior (vision, instruction, management, leadership) and implement them to impact student achievement.

  4. Employ strategies of engagement, support-building, communication, psychology,  motivation, and marketing to explain issues to others and garner support


Justification/ Literature Support


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