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Justification/Literature Support

Habits of Mind

This strand is related to Signature Pedagogy #1

Identifying and solving the right problems


In order to make the learning relevant in this area, participants must identify a job-embedded or job-related issue, problem, trend, program, etc. around which to pursue the constructs.

Depending on small group and/or individual interests, possible questions to pursue could be:  

   Does teaming teachers positively impact student achievement?

   Do lead teachers positively impact student achievement?



  1. Critique existing qualitative and quantitative research across disciplines.

  2. Frame problems and critical questions regarding organizational challenges disciplines

  3. Collect, analyze and interpret appropriate data to solve organizational challenges

  4. Analyze and evaluate educational processes, programs, policies, and institutions in order to lead improvement initiatives

  5. Provide recommendations and solutions that are grounded and  that will lead to improved student learning


Justification/ Literature Support


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 This work is a product of the University of Louisville doctorial student.
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