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The following websites are companion sites to Forensic Illustrated.  Although there is a number of additional resources on each of these sites, many of the resources are the same or similar.  The benefit of these alternate approaches is their focus on specific aspects of the topic.


Teaching Forensics


This web-site is for the promotion of teaching forensic science at the high school level.  It contains educational documents such as a syllabus, pacing guide, and many other teacher friendly documents.


Forensics Labs


A key element of any science class is the effective use of quality labs which allow students to put prior learned concepts into practical use.  These activities are most significant when labs are examples of real world applications.  Often labs of this type are either to expensive or dangerous for teens to conduct.  In forensic science, a topic most people find riveting, real world labs can be carried out on a regular basis safely and economically.

A key element


A CSI Simulation


Learn how to design a simulation which will allow your students to be a part of a CSI team and solve a crime. 

Best if performed in collaboration with a team of teachers including science, psychology, social studies, and drama teachers.  Students will have a blast and learn a ton.  This site is a demonstration and review of a CSI simulation designed and implemented by four teachers at North Oldham High School.  This simulation was performed during May term classes in the spring of 2005 during five, three hour classes. 




Bsapp's Flickr


This is a flickr website with all the forensics pictures used in the preparation for the publication of Forensics Illustrated: Step Under the Tape.  This is a stock of over a thousand forensic photos available for use in your classroom, presentation, or personal use.


















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